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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Happiest Girl in the World! She just found out she has not one, but TWO Giraffes! She found the spare. Giraffe is her boo. She sleeps with him, eats with him, and totes him around everywhere. So, when the seams started to come apart I went online to search out a spare, just in case. Turns out they discontinued it. WHAT?! Luckly, found a little shop in SC that had one left and got it! I had it in her closet and would pull it out when we were washing the other one, and put it back when she wasn't looking. Well the other day she spotted him and demanded a lost-at-birth reunion with the original Giraffe. Need to find a better hiding place.

Wet Willy

Friday, September 3, 2010

So I'm completely obsessed with the zoo. There's no doubt I'm going to get the most out of my membership this year. My mom and I took Izzy back in hopes of seeing the elephant training session. She was not so impressed. But, what did impress her were the giraffes being feed. BTW, her boo is a giraffe and whenever she see's a giraffe in her baby videos she runs and grabs her Giraffe (real original name, huh?). We headed up to the viewing area and quickly came face to face with the real ones. She is LOVING it! And, they are soooo beautiful! I just can't get over their eyes. Anyways, the one near us kept checking us out and putting his nose to our faces. Once he felt we were properly introduced he licked my neck, the side of my face, and stuck that huge, long giraffe tongue in my ear! Was NOT prepared for that. But, it made my little girl bust a gut, and for that I would gladly do it again :)


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