Houston... we have a problem

Monday, November 15, 2010

A girl and her dog.
They are such a cute pair aren't they?
But, we have an issue that has crept up.

WARNING:  If you get grossed out easily, STOP reading NOW!

She won't stop poking him in the butthole!
It all started a while back when I asked her to give Ruff a hug.
She leaned in for the hug, quickly changed directions, poked him, and then gave him the hug.
Poor Ruffino and I have never been the same since.
He has a million spots all over that she could find interesting, but this one "spot" is the most intriguing.
I just don't get it.
I just hope I'm always around when it happens so I can get her to the sink asap!
Dealing with issues like this were never covered in the books I read :(

Feeling a little crafty-snafty

Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been in a crafty mood lately.  I see all of these really great ideas out in blog land, and while this usually ends with little unfinished projects laying around, I actually finished one!  Yippee!!!  I'm in LOVE with this site.  She always has these amazing tutorials that leave me wanting to try every single one of them.  When I saw this one for a book wreath I had to put down everything I was doing and tackle it.  Soooo cute, and soooo cheap.  Since I already had an old song book and lots of hot glue sticks, I only ended up spending like $2 on the wreath form.  Score!  Mom said she really liked it so I kinda forced her into watching me make one for her.  Here's hoping she really liked it and wasn't just being nice :D  Anywho... I'm really happy with it.  And, now I have a wreath for fall AND Christmas! 

What I've Been Up To - Washer/Dryer Stand

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We bit the bullet and finally decided to buy a new washer and dryer. Can't tell you how excited I am to use our front loaders, and even more excited to get them out of my livingroom where they are currently camped out. I honestly have no idea why they had to hang out there, but I decided to let the hubs win this battle. Anyways, I had found a blog here that posted about making their own base for the washer and dryer. Being the cheap, I mean frugal, gal I am I immediately jumped on the idea. I mean, $400 for bases alone, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! I think we spent a little under $100 on the total project, and honestly, I think it looks way better than the bases they sell with the set. We modified their plans for the base a little just to make sure it could support the weight of the washer and dryer. Even though it's not installed yet I had to post pictures because I'm soooo excited about it!!! I'll let you know how it turns out. Say a prayer that it all fits!

What I've Been Up To - Powder Room

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, I've been wanting to paint the powder room for quite some time now, but have kept in on the back burner until some of the major projects have been taken care of (painting trim, new doors, etc). I finally tackled it when I needed a break from painting all of the windows. Which now that I think about it, I totally had a nightmare last night that all of our windows needed to be replaced because they were all rotting out, and there were like 5 in. gaps between the windows and the walls! Eeeeek!!! Hmmm... wonder what a dream expert would have to say about that. Anyways, I've always wanted to paint stripes and thought this would be the perfect place to do it. I freaked out a little bit at first thinking I had made a mistake, but it's a good thing I decided to just finish it up because I love it! Turns out Izzy loves it too. She walked in, gasped and said, "pretty!". Totally made my day :)

BTW - The first few after pictures make the paint look really weird and yellowy (totally a word - hehe). The color shows up well in the last one, although, the streaks in the mirror drive me up the wall!


Hoo could it be?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last night was Izzy's first time Trick-or-Treating! And, thank God, she wore her costume!!! She went out with her little friend across the street (I love that she's not yet 2 and already has a gal pal) and scored some good candy. We're not talking about the cheap stuff that I passed out, but the good stuff. PB cups, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kats. Yum! And, maybe if I weren't such a choc-o-holic I would have passed out the good stuff as well, seeing as how I did buy some. But, I figured I should save it just in case mommy needs some of her "medicine". Yep, that's what I call it :)

Ok, back to what's important - my little owl. To prepare for the big night we had been practicing what an owl sounds like, saying trick-or-treat, and thank you. But, amongst all the excitement, when I asked her "What do we say to the nice lady?" I got a "Hoo hoo" instead of a thank you :D


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