quick and easy skull shirt

Monday, October 31, 2011

One of many things I have pinned to my Pinterest boards was an adorable skull applique shirt I found at Stubbornly Crafty.

HAD to make it for Izzy

When I first showed it to her she LOVED it.

Then, I tried putting it on her and ran into another episode like last year's owl costume.

"Noooo!!!  I don't want it!!!"

So, like any good mom I stuck her in front of her favorite TV show and quickly threw it on her.  And once she saw her reflection in the mirror she got all excited about it again.

She should probably stay out of politics when she gets older because she'd be THE WORST flip-flopper.

Also, don't forget to enter yourself in my giveaway!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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giveaway time!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for a giveaway!


Because I love my followers, and I want to say thank you for helping me reach 500 followers!!!

Here's what you'll win

1. Burlap and stripe foldover clutch with magnetic closure  2. Set of 4 insect magnets  3. Two personalized mugs

Like my last giveaway, all items have been handmade by me just for you!

And, I've gotta tell ya - I'm really going to have a hard time giving up that clutch.  I lined it with the very last of my favorite black and white striped fabric, and it's kinda my new best friend.  I'm going to have to find more of those stripes because I want one for myself... BAD!

Oh, and the bug magnets - totally a hit with Izzy, I made some extra for us :D 


One random winner will be selected Monday, November 14th.
How to Enter
STEP ONE: Become a follower through Google Friend Connect (found on my sidebar) and leave a comment below saying you have done so!
STEP TWO - FOR A SECOND CHANCE: Link this giveaway to your Facebook or blog and leave another comment below containing your Facebook or blog's link showing you have done so!
STEP THREE - FOR A THIRD CHANCE: Add a Crazy Wonderful button to your blog and leave another comment below letting me know you did!


inside my bag - a new series

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A while ago I did a post on the contents of my purse.  You can find that post here.

It was a mess... it still is a mess.

Anywho, I've always been curious about what's inside people's purses.  One of my favorite things to do as a child was to go through my mom's and grandma's purses.  Totally fascinated me then and it still does now :D
I thought it would be fun to have a series where bloggers share the contents of their purses.  Fun right!

So, I want to introduce you to a new series called


Series kicks off Monday, November 7th with Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful!

Expect to see a new purse dumped out the first Monday of each month.

I can't wait!!!  Nosey me :D

Pssst...  I don't want you to think I've forgotten about the giveaway I promised.  I'm finally done making everything and am now working on getting everything photographed.  I'll have it posted soon!

easy door makeover

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The door to our backyard made me freakin CRAZY bothered me for quite a while now.

It still had the large wooden mini blinds up from the previous owners, and the plastic pieces which were supposed to hold it to the door had long been broken off.

Anytime the door opened and shut the blinds would slam all over the place and scratch up the door and gouge the wall. 


Then Izzy decided it would be great fun to pull the blinds all the way back from the door and watch them slam and make noise.


Oh, and our dog can get a little demanding when he's not let out whenever he wants, and thus we have HUGE dog scratch marks all. over. the door.


So between the blinds a slammin and the 80 pound dog a scratchin you get left with one ugly door.

And, there finally comes a time when the Old English bottle starts to laugh at you for even attempting to cover it up.

So, I finally ripped off the blinds and decided to do something about it.

Of course I was too excited to get them down before taking a picture so this is the best before with blinds I can do for you.

Not wanting to shell out big money for a fancy new door with the blinds hidden between the glass I instead hit up the home improvement store and picked up some privacy film for $20.  And, filled in holes and scratches before slapping on some primer and leftover paint from my front door.

The film is a pretty easy application, but for a larger project like this I recommend having another person around to hold it in place while you pull the backing off.

Oh, and don't let your dog come in or out while you're putting it up or you'll end up with dog hair in between the film and glass.  Yep, not thrilled about that one.

But, I am thrilled about my refreshed and blindless (probably made that word up) door!

A little before and after action, but imagine the before with blinds :)

Much better.

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fall festival

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our neighborhood hosts a fall festival each year, and although we've lived here over two years, this was the first year we went. 

Izzy ran straight over to the petting zoo and completely ignored the bounce house, magician, and the guy making balloons.

A sweet girl working the petting zoo helped her up on a pony.

And hooked her up with a bunny to hold

She stayed by the animals the entire time

On our way out we picked her up some cotton candy that was about the size of her head :D

Watching her attack it was hilarious, and she actually ate the whole thing!

Hello sugar high!

izzy's summer wrap up

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ok, so I know we're already into October, but I wanted to make sure I got in some of the little moments that helped to make Izzy's summer so fun.

Bringing in the most squeals of excitement...


Lots of fun, and lots of boo boos thanks to the...

Making a bunch of new feathered friends

and of course, lots of...

Looking forward to next summer sweetie, and here's hoping I can keep up with you!


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