DIY abstract art + frame | tutorial

Thursday, August 29, 2013

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I have been wanting to make some black and white abstract art FOR-EV-ER.  I always chicken out because me and loosey goosey super creative art don't jive.  It intimidates me big time.  I wanted to give it another go and found myself ubber frustrated half way through so I ended up tossing the paint brush over to Izzy and telling her to go at it how ever she wanted.  Kids.  They're so much more creative than we are.  It helps that they aren't filled with all that self doubt.  I'm glad I gave her the paint brush.  And, it makes it so much more special to me knowing that she had a big part in it.
  • wood (mine is a precut 2 x 3 piece)
  • spackling and spackling knife (optional)
  • paint and paint brushes for the art
  • wood strips (I used two 2ft pieces and two 4ft pieces)
  • small hand saw
  • spray paint for the frame
  • gorilla glue
  • clamps

Now that you're done with the art it's time to make yourself a frame!

  • 2 x 3 wood piece (reused from art gone bad project) - FREE
  • paint, spray paint, and other misc. (on hand) - FREE
  • wood strips for frame - $8.00
Not bad for $8.00!!!
What do you think, are you a fan of this type of art???  Have you tried to make your own before?  Did you love it or hate it?  I'm still not sure I could do it completely on my own again.  Thank you Izzy and your fearless creativity!

I'll be linking up to these fab parties!


gold animal jewelry box (and feeling better)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Um wow.  I was not expecting to have been taken all the way down with hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Thank you all for the kind words! 
Let me tell you, if your child ever comes down with this little gem, you had better hold on to your britches and hope to God you don't get it.  In my last post I mentioned only having body aches.  I thought that was going to be the extent of it.  Most of the information I found on the internet said that adults are only mildly affected if at all, that was not the case for me.  You guys, a day later I was COVERED in blister-like spots and could not walk.  Every step hurt so bad.  I couldn't hold onto my toothbrush, let alone pry open the bottle of Tylenol (like that was even going to do much, pretty sure the Tylenol was laughing at me).  It was ridiculous.
Anywho, all is good now!  But if I hear anyone even mention that it might be going around again, I'm gonna scoop up my babies and a gallon of hand sanitizer and head for the hills!!!
Ok, so prior to that whole ordeal, I had been looking through my Make It board on Pinterest when Izzy tossed out a, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!" and demanded we tackle the animal jewelry box from Kristen at The Hunted Interior.  It featured a giraffe on top so naturally Izzy was all over it. 
You may have seen these images I posted on Instagram when I was on a craftin' roll.

Well here's Izzy's giraffe jewelry box in it's home on her dresser!
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He's pretty darn cute isn't he.
I'll be back tomorrow with what became of this project...
It's a keeper!

hand foot and mouth disease

Monday, August 19, 2013

We've been hit.

For those that google this, I assure you we are not that bad off.  Sam has a few spots on his hand and one on his ankle. Izzy has a couple on her mouth, and I just feel like I have the worst flu ever.

I'll be back as soon as the kids and I crawl out of this petri dish that is our house.

Have any of you guys dealt with this before?  Good grief, it stinks.

beach weekend

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hoping to be hitting up the beach this weekend.

Sam is feeling a little puny today, so finger's crossed he'll be up for it tomorrow.  We shall see!

Happy Weekend!

stuff I want | kitchen

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've been dreaming about my new kitchen a lot lately, and all the pretty stuff that should be in it.  I figure now is the time to get rid of all the coffee mugs we don't like using (I'm tired of my husband always beating me to the good ones), replace the cooking utensils that have seen better days, and get things in order for the new place.

 {one . two . three . four . five . six . seven}
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Most excited about getting some big ol coffee mugs and a step stool.  It's ridiculous that I've always just climbed up on counters all these years.
What are your kitchen must haves?  Anything you've been living without for far too long?

doing a little organizing

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm slowly but surely trying to organize things around this blog so it's a little more user friendly.  If you're reading in an email or other type of reader, click on over so you can see some of the changes.
I'm most excited about the tutorials & tips page.  Instead of going to that page and having to scroll through every tutorial or tip post, you can now see them all on one page and click on the one that strikes your fancy.  Pretty fancy eh?!!
There's now a spot on the sidebar where you can see my most recent Instagram photos and Pinterest pins.  I've been doing Instagram on my own a little bit, but now I've got it set up where you guys can follow along.  I'm not an ubber interesting person that posts about an amazing jet set life, but you can keep up with what I'm doing before it hits the blog and even projects that don't make it. 
If you'd like to follow along, I'd love to have you!  You can find links to them in my social media icons list on my sidebar. 
The home tour page is now updated to include pictures of our rental home here in Texas.  I'm getting excited about having pictures to add soon of our new home!!!
Yeah... I'm an idiot.  I use to have a Facebook page for my baby bedding, Baby Nest, which I had linked to my blog.  It just made things really confusing, and that's the last thing I want.  So, I now have a Facebook page for the blog alone where I'll link to new blog posts and other blog related stuff.  Sorry for any confusion on that!
Hopefully this makes things a little easier to navigate and follow along!

bleached wood look with liming wax

Friday, August 9, 2013

You guys, I am in love with the new look for my kitchen table.  In love!

I ended up using Briwax Liming Wax, thanks to the suggestion of Cassie from Primitive & Proper (the woman is a furniture whisperer).  It gave me just the look I was going for and couldn't have been easier.  After sanding the table down I just waxed it on.  No messing around with paints or drying times.  It made my impatient little heart jump for joy.

Totally digging how the wax sort of fills in some of the cracks and chips in the wood and looks chalky.

Now I will say I am NOT loving how it looks in this house.  It blends in with the walls, and I cringe when I look at how it conflicts with the tile.  But, I think once it's in the new house sitting on top of dark wood floors, she's gonna look good.  Real good.  Fingers crossed ;)

Remember the old 80's computer chair casters I mentioned needing to replace?  I went to the home improvement store to see what they had and ended up leaving with these ball casters, but I'm not feeling it.

They just don't look right do they?

Here's a side story for ya.  While I was looking at caster wheels a man walked by and was smiling at Sam as he sat in my shopping cart.  He even came over to tickle him.  NOT thrilled about the tickling, but let it go.  Then he walked back by and I noticed he was recording video of Sam on his phone!!!!  WTF?!  I almost went Momma Bear on the guy.  After trying to approach him about it (apparently he doesn't speak English) I hauled ars out of there.  And spent the rest of the day thinking he was going to find me and kidnap my child.  What is it with people?

Anywho... back to the table.

Trying to decide if I should put a coat of poly-acrylic on the top.  Probably won't need it since it's wax, but with the wear and tear this puppy is going to see between Izzy and Sam, it might be a good idea.

Have you guys used liming wax before?  I'm addicted.  It's like when you have a can of spray paint or Rub n Buff in your hands and you're aimlessly walking around the house trying to find something else to spray or buff.  I kinda want to lime wax anything I can get my hands on.


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