jenny lind bed paint + DIY bed rails

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In my latest post on Sam's big boy room you got to see his finished antique Jenny Lind bed I found off Craigslist.  I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

This is how the bed looked when we got it off Craigslist.  Completely worn out.  Looked like it may have been in a garage or barn for several years as the varnish and stain had seen some weathering.  It was also missing the side rails.  But basically, nothing a little sanding and paint can't fix!

PAINT - After sanding down and cleaning the bed I used my Critter paint sprayer to apply a coat of primer.  By the way, that paint sprayer is the best purchase I have ever made.  EVER.  It's under $50 which just makes it all the more amazing in my book.  With all of those spools it would have been a nightmare to do it by hand.  I shudder at the reminder of painting my stair railings several years ago.  Yuck!  Ok, so after the primer cured, I used the paint sprayer to apply two coats of Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black.  You guys, it's a gorgeous black!  I would describe it as a deep, creamy black.  

And if it's good enough for Studio McGee, best believe it's good enough for me ;)

DIY Bed Rails -  Since the headboard and footboard didn't come with the rails, I had no way to attach the two together and hold a mattress.  I wanted to share with you guys how we made our own rails so that if you ever come across a great antique bed without any, you would know what to do!

We used 1x8's to create our own rails and cut them to be about 5 inches longer than the length of the mattress for both sides.  That way there would be enough room for tucking in sheets and blankets at the foot of the bed.  Once cut they were primed and painted to match the bed.  Then we added 2x2's along the inside of the new rails and screwed them into place.  These 2x2's will be used to support plywood that will support the mattress.  

Since our headboard and footboard have pins inside the legs to connect the rails, we used these bed claws I found on Amazon.  They worked out perfectly!  

Apparently I didn't get a photo of this next part :(  To support the mattress, we put down pieces of plywood cut to the size of the bed and screwed them into the 2x2 support on the side rails.  We did not use a box spring, so the mattress went directly on top of the plywood support.

And finally, for extra support, we added a couple of scrap 2x6's we had lying around to support the center of the bed on the underside of the plywood.  One piece for the upper half of the bed (shown in the photo) and another for the lower half of the bed.  I snapped this pic as I was tucking Sam into bed last night so forgive the really bad quality.  It was a snap and run :D

Sam's bed is by far my favorite part of his room so far.  I think these spooled beds are such a classic look.  I'm so glad I didn't scare away from it since it didn't have all the parts!

SOURCES: bed claws // DIY moon art // IKEA hack nightstands // sconces // duvet and toss pillow - Homegoods // gray blanket // sheets sold out (similar here) // rug - purchased overseas // bed paint - SW Tricorn Black

my fall bedding essentials

Thursday, October 22, 2015

We're finally getting some cooler temps in the evenings and early morning and I couldn't be more grateful.  With the weather starting to cooperate and the fact that we're well into October, I thought I would share my fall bedding essentials.  I don't get all crazy with winter bedding, but a few changes can make it much more cozy when your crawling into bed on cooler nights.

I love nothing more than a crisp white bed.  It feels clean and inviting.  I still have our quilt under the duvet, but when it's cooler out I like to keep our duvet pulled up in launch position since it will definitely be used.  And to keep our bed from looking too stark, I swapped out our white monogrammed euro pillows for all black and added a cozy grey blanket to the foot of the bed.  

I recently upgraded my duvet cover to the Linden white border duvet from Crane and Canopy.  I feel like I have a grown up cover now.  Ties keep the duvet in place and the zipper closure looks so much cleaner.  Here's a duvet tip of ya - We have a queen size bed but use a king size duvet.  That way when my husband wraps himself up in it (I call it cocooning) I won't get left out in the cold on my side ;D

| BEDDING ESSENTIALS: warm base . white duvet . throws . white sheets . candle |

What are your must haves for colder weather bedding?  As a kid my mom always switched out our bed sheets to flannel ones in the winter.  The memory makes me want to go grab some fun ones for the kids :)

sam's nightstands | ikea rast hack

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This weekend I finished the Ikea RAST nightstands for Sam's room.

I never had an exact vision for them when I brought them into his room.  I had stained them gray a while back and there they sat for a long time.  The stain was jacked up too.  One was MUCH darker than the other.  Note to Self: Don't stain them on different days with one day being in the hot sun :/

After sanding down the dark one and putting a paint pen to good use, here's what they look like today!

How To Do It:

STEP ONE:  Stain entire piece Minwax Classic Gray and let dry.   

STEP TWO:  Using a level as my straight edge and as the width between lines, I penciled in where my painted lines would go.

STEP THREE:  Use the level as your straight edge, and go over your penciled lines with a white paint pen.

STEP FOUR:  Add some knobs and you're done!

You may have noticed I also have his Jenny Lind bed finished and completely put together!!!  Woohoo!  I'll share how we created slats for it and the paint color in another post.

SOURCES: DIY moon art // sconces // duvet and toss pillow - Homegoods // gray blanket // sheets // rug - purchased overseas // nightstand stain // nightstand knobs


I'll leave you with Mr. Crazy Pants who thought it was great fun to run in and grab his cars one by one while Mommy took photos :)  

my halloween mantle

Thursday, October 15, 2015

As much as I want to buy those gorgeous pumpkins at the grocery store, I reel myself back in.  It's still in the mid 90's here in Houston.  Those puppies have been outside literally baking in the hot sun all day every day.  I feel like they would be rotten in a matter of days.  I decided to let the faux ones have their day in the sun (hardy, har, har!!!) and used those on the mantle this year.

I made the masks last year for our porch pumpkins when I didn't have the energy to carve.  I'm so glad I hung on to them because they look so good on these fake white pumpkins!  I found the leafy and feathered mask patterns on Good Housekeeping.  You can print out the templates for them here.  The cat mask has pipe cleaners for the whiskers.  I cut them out of a sticky backed felt so I didn't have to mess with attaching strings to them.

The bat and witch silhouettes were left overs from several years back when I made Martha's Haunted Halloween Village for our front porch.  Sometimes it pays off to hold on to everything!

The only scary part of this Halloween mantle was when Sam got the vacuum extension hose too close to the cheese cloth that is draped off the right end.  That little guy about sucked the entire mantle into the vacuum.  I tell ya what, Dyson definitely held up to it's no loss of suction tag line!

QUESTION - For those of you that live in warmer climates, do you go ahead and buy the pumpkins when they first come out, and if so do they last?  

large DIY pinboard

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I did some furniture rearranging a while back in Izzy's room, per her request.  She scored a desk and a massive pinboard out of the deal.  Kinda funny how it went down.

Izzy - "Mom, I really want a desk in my room.  You know, since I'm going to have A LOT of homework in first grade."

Me - "That would be cool babe, but there's no room in there for a desk."

Izzy - "I thought you would say that and I've got a plan."

Me - Giving her the "oh really, but I'm totally impressed you've got a plan" look.

Izzy - "You move my bed here, put my nightstand here, and the girly desk goes here!"

Me - "Girly desk?"

Izzy - "Yep.  The one in your closet that you said was just sitting there because you didn't know where to put it.  It matches my room."

Me - This girl never pays attention when I tell her to brush her teeth and she doesn't seem to remember when I tell her important information.  But, details on a desk sitting in my closet have been burned into her brain???  "I think you may be onto something."

Izzy - "Let's move my bed."

Next thing I knew I was moving her bed and she had a desk, just like she wanted.  I kept picturing a big 'ol pinboard above it and soon came across this idea for making one out of foam insulation board.  Super cheap and super light weight.  I made mine exactly like Candice's of Handmade Mood, just a tad smaller.   Here's how it turned out!

I covered it with painter's drop cloth (my go-to fabric of choice) and used upholstery tacks to create the border.  The larger diamond pins are also upholstery tacks, but are perfect for pining up her favorite things.  It's nailed into the wall behind the tacks at the top corners.

I've got a couple small things to finish up before her room is check off the list:

1)  She's crazy over the idea of a ghost chair so I'll probably go that direction for a desk chair.
2)  I need to remake her white drapes with the black pom poms.  These were never wide enough and something (God only knows what) was splattered across them and looks disgusting.
3)  I need to do some rearranging of other areas to tidy the space up. 

But in the meantime she can pin her heart out and pat herself on the back for pulling off a furniture arranging coup ;)

spooky halloween wreath

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Today is the first day of October and I've got my Halloween wreath finished and hanging!  I can't promise you won't poke an eye out when you walk up to the door with all the sticks coming out of it, but hey, that just adds to the Halloween spirit, right???

I shared with you guys a round up of my favorite Halloween wreaths earlier this week, and I ended up combining a lot of those into one simple wreath.  Spooky (but not too spooky for the kids), neutral and earthy, and maybe even a little chic with the satin bow.  And I still stuck with my Halloween rule - If you add moss and a crow, you're good to go.  Trust me on this!  

This was easy and fairly cheap to toss together.  Although I didn't put together a full up tutorial, here's what I did:
  • Start with a plain grapevine wreath
  • Wrap some faux leaf garland around the wreath (I found mine at Michaels on sale for like $3).
  • Hot glue twigs from your yard to the wreath.
  • Drape Spanish moss over the twigs and into the crannies of the wreath.
  • Run a strip of ribbon around the top for hanging and add a bow (I used strips of black stain fabric).
  • Slap on a faux crow on for good measure!

I had forgotten what I did to our door last year until I found this photo below.  I didn't have a wreath so I pulled this webbed look together in just a couple of minutes using cheese cloth and a big 'ol fake spider.  Since I know not all of your are wreath people, I thought I'd include it ;)

  For more Halloween ideas be sure to check out last year's decor!  


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