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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our home office has been in an unfinished state for what feels like ages.  When we moved in the office was just a blank room.  No cabinets, closets, or storage of any type.  We placed all of the random office stuff that truthfully never worked in any of our homes, and planned to mess with it at another time.  It was so badddddd.  I hated going in that room.  The befores are just plain embarrassing, but here you go.

Here's the lovely scene that greeted you at the door.

To the right.  I have no explanation for those bookcases being situated like that.

And then to the left.  Here I was trying to convince myself that hanging curtain rods higher and wider was going to help.  Yeah, like that's the problem here.  

I mean.  I can't even.

A couple of years ago we had built ins added to the back wall, and saved money by painting them ourselves.  Hello, storage!!!

The desk was moved back in, the shelves were haphazardly filled, and we left it like that for a couple of years because ANYTHING was better than what we had before!  A week ago we were both ready to finally finish it up.  I still can't make my mind up on a couple of things.  Rug or no rug?  Wood shades or fabric shades?  Fix the drawer front where I drilled the wrong knob hole, or continue to ignore it and shake my fist at it every time I look at it?  Decisions, decisions.

I'm promising myself to have this done by the end of summer.  Hold me to it!      


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